Bailey Touring Caravan Warranty Cover

Total customer satisfaction is top priority at Bailey and the quality ethos extends to the after sales service and market leading manufacturer’s warranty package that comes with every new Bailey touring caravan. In this way, we not only ensure your long-term peace of mind, but we also enhance the re-sale value of your investment.

6 Year Body Shell Integrity Warranty

Bailey Alu-Tech caravans are covered by a six (6) year Bodyshell Integrity Warranty from the initial date of purchase. This cover extends to any structural degradation to the bodyshell that arises as a result of water ingress through any permanently sealed seam or joint (with the exception of exclusions stated in the terms and conditions.)

Warranty Extension

An additional four (4) year extension to the standard Bodyshell Integrity Warranty cover (making 10 years cover in total) is available as a cost option through your supplying Retailer

3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

For a period of twenty-four (24) months from the initial date of purchase Bailey of Bristol offer a comprehensive warranty on all parts and components as well as full coverage for any manufacturing faults forming part of the original specification of the vehicle, with the following specified exceptions:

The following items are covered for one (1) year from the date of first registration

  • Microwave Ovens
  • Pioneer Stereo Radio/CD/MP3 Players & Speakers

The manufacturer’s warranty then extends to an additional twelve (12) months on the following items.

Chassis: all chassis members including corner steadies
Suspension: axle suspension and braking system (excluding any damage to or faults in brake drums and shoes that are caused through misuse of the braking system or from normal wear and tear)
Running Gear: road wheels (excluding tyres)
Towing Mechanism: all mechanical components fitted to vehicle (excluding electrics)
Cooker: the cooker unit including burners, grill, oven, flame failure device and igniter
Refrigerator: door seal condenser, gas control valve, gas igniter, flame failure device, 12v and 230v heater elements, gas thermostat, 230v thermostat and 230v temperature control switch
Water System: water heater (gas or electric), fresh water tank, water pump, water, gauges, taps and shower head
Electrical System: mains hook up input connector, ELCB, battery charger and
distributor unit and interior lighting units (excluding bulbs)
Cassette Toilet: the cassette toilet is covered (excluding seals, valves and glands)
Heating System: thermostat, motor, switches, control unit, gas heater, flame failure
device and igniter (excluding ducting and fittings)
Windows: the functionality of the opening and closing system (stays, handles and catches) and a warranty against the cracking of the acrylic
Upholstery: zips, seams and colour fastness

Warranty Extension

An additional three (3) year extension to the standard Manufacturer’s Warranty cover for mechanical and electrical components of a leisure vehicle both external and internal (making 6 years cover in total) is available as a cost option through your supplying Retailer.

Customer Support

Approved Bailey Retailers enjoy industry-leading after sales support service from the manufacturer and they will be able to offer all the help you need to rectify any issues that may occur. They should be your first point of contact on any subject relating to your vehicle. It should be noted that Bailey Approved Retailers sell our products of their own choice and not as agents of Bailey. Accordingly, they have no authority to bind Bailey or make representation or undertaking whatsoever on behalf of Bailey.

Terms and Conditions

The Bailey Warranty Cover set out above is offered subject to the following simple terms and conditions:

  1. During the term of the Warranty Cover, subject to these terms and conditions, Bailey will, through an Authorised Service Centre, at its option repair or replace all parts and components of the caravan that are included in the Warranty Cover and which suffer a defect in manufacture or workmanship. An Authorised Service Centre means either Bailey itself, a Bailey Approved Retailer or a Bailey Approved Service Centre. Any part which is replaced becomes the property of Bailey. Any replacement parts are covered for the unexpired term of the Warranty Cover.
  2. The initial duration of the Bodyshell Integrity Warranty is six (6) years and the duration of the Manufacturer’s Warranty is three (3) years in both cases starting from the original purchase date of the vehicle. It is a condition of the warranty that an annual service is performed on the vehicle in accordance with the service plan. Failure to comply with this term will invalidate the warranty.
  3. The unexpired term of the Warranty Cover on your vehicle may only be assigned, transferred or novated to subsequent owners with Bailey’s consent (not to be unreasonably withheld) and on payment to Bailey of a transfer fee of £35. Transfer can only be made within the first three months (3) of the date subsequent ownership was taken and full documentary evidence that the vehicle has been serviced annually along with evidence of the date of subsequent purchase (in the form of a VAT sales receipt, invoice or bank/credit card statement) must be provided at the time of assignment in accordance with the terms and conditions detailed above
  4. The caravan must undergo a full annual service and inspection, including a moisture survey, carried out, subject to paragraph 5 below, by an Authorised Bailey Service Centre or by a service agent that is a member of the National Caravan Council’s Approved Workshop Scheme (AWS).
  5. The final annual service in any warranty period must be carried out before the end of that warranty period, but all other annual services may be carried out within six (6) weeks either side of each anniversary of the original purchase date. The original VAT invoices must be retained as proof that these annual inspections have been carried out.
  6. Where an annual inspection identifies that repairs to the vehicle are necessary, the caravan must be made available for repair within six (6) weeks of the date of inspection for the purpose of carrying out the repair work. Repairs under warranty must be undertaken by either Bailey itself, a Bailey Approved Retailer or a Bailey Approved Service Centre.
  7. No repairs, including the fitting of any replacement unit, may be undertaken or commenced under the terms of the Warranty Cover unless prior written authorisation is obtained from Bailey via a Bailey Approved Retailer or a Bailey Approved Service Centre. No liability will exist with regard to any warranty claims not authorised in this way.
  8. Bailey reserve the right to examine the vehicle before any repairs commence or any replacement part is fitted. Registration & Use
  9. The Warranty Registration Form must have been sent to Bailey within six (6) weeks of the original purchase date. It is the responsibility of the Bailey Retailer to forward this information to Bailey. This is part of the terms of trading that that the Bailey Retailer has with Bailey.
  10. The caravan shall:
    • Only be used for its ordinary and intended purpose and shall not be subjected to any
    • treatment or conditions which could reasonably be foreseen to cause or result in damage to the vehicle or excessive wear and tear
    • Only be towed by a private car or private 4×4 vehicle
    • Not be put out to hire, reward or any other commercial use, nor used in any race, competitions or rallies whether timed, official or otherwise.

    Exclusions & Liability
  11. Bailey’s liability under this warranty shall be limited to supplying the reasonable costs of labour and materials required for the repair or replacement of faulty parts or components. Bailey shall be entitled to charge for any repair work which is necessitated by virtue of any loss or damage caused by your negligence or default or incurred as a result of any modifications you have made to the vehicle. This warranty does not cover repair costs other than labour and materials.
  12. The Warranty Cover does not include:
    • Repair or replacement of parts, components, seams or panels which are not part of the original construction of the caravan, or which have been tampered with or undergone unauthorised modifications, or which have been repaired otherwise than by An Approved Bailey Retailer or a Bailey Approved Service Centre.
    • Parts or components other than those specifically listed in the Bodyshell Integrity Warranty and Manufacturer’s Warranty descriptions set out above
    • General maintenance or components failing due to fair wear and tear or normal deterioration repairs necessitated by lack of routine or regular maintenance. Particular attention is drawn to the Owner’s Manual and Service Handbook supplied with the caravan and any maintenance instructions or notices published from time to time by Bailey relating to the proper care and maintenance of vehicles
    • Structural degradation or other damage caused by water ingress through non-permanently sealed seams or joints (such as, without limitation, around windows, hatches, doors and rooflights), beyond the initial 24 months of the Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  13. No liability will be accepted for:
    • Damage caused by neglect or abuse, corrosion, intrusion of foreign or deleterious substances, lack of servicing, over-heating, freezing, or the continued use of the vehicle after a fault has become evident
    • Any loss or damage caused by parts not covered by this Warranty Cover, including soft furnishings or trim
    • Any accidental or fire damage or any losses incurred by accident or fire
    • Transport costs to and from point of repair.

Bailey will only be liable for costs which are incurred as a direct consequence of the event, defect or fault leading to the claim being made under this warranty. No liability will be accepted for any other loss or damage (such as loss of income or revenue, or loss of business or profits), costs, expenses or other claims for compensation howsoever arising which was not reasonably foreseeable by both parties when the caravan was originally purchased. Bailey will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by third parties, nor for bodily injury not caused by our negligence. Nothing in this warranty shall limit in any way our liability: for death or personal injury caused by our negligence; for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation; or for any matter for which it would be illegal for us to exclude, or attempt to exclude, our liability. The purchaser has statutory rights in addition to this warranty and this warranty does not affect those statutory rights. This warranty shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and the parties irrevocably submit to the nonexclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England. Warranty Registration The supplying retailer must explain the warranty terms and conditions to you, and complete the warranty registration process online. Your warranty will start on the day that the vehicle is first registered in the UK or 12 months from the date on which the vehicle was invoiced to the supplying retailer, whichever is the earlier. The name and address of the warranty provider is: Bailey Caravans Limited, South Liberty Lane, Bristol, BS3 2SS.